Thursday, February 21, 2008


HANI HANI is Actor Tarun's movie. Tarun's earlier
movie "Geleya" too fared well in the box-office,
after which Hani Hani is his first venture as a
sole hero. I think in this solo attempt, Tarun
has suceeded quite a lot!

Sharan is the director("Poojari" fame).His earlier
two attempts were very disappointing. But a
surprise is sure for one who watches this movie.
He has directed very well to some extent and
satisifies the cine watcher. Rangayana Raghu
excels in his comic role. Songs are also very
good.Heroein Pooja Gandhi excels in her role.

Totally the movie experience is satisfactory.
I don't reveal the story line, simply watch the
movie and enjoy!

Now WATCH THE SONGS & Enjoy too :

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